Life Insurance Coverage

lifeDear Friends & Neighbors:

On the priority list of most important things in life, our families are always at the top of the list. We want to see our spouses and children provided for. We always want them to have a roof over their head. We want our children to have an opportunity for a solid education. All of this takes a substantial amount of money. What would happen if that money stream came to a halt?

Many of us have experienced employers terminating certain benefits including Group Term Life Insurance. Those that haven’t terminated it have reduced the benefits substantially. These benefits continue to be eroded. A “Stand Alone” Life Insurance policy is a must today to insure our families are properly protected. This “Stand Alone” policy guarantees that we will always have the protection we need provided the premium is paid. It is not determined by the Federal Government nor our employer.

A misconception about Life Insurance is that it is very expensive. This is not the case. For your particular circumstances and a quotation, give us a call. Protect your family it is your most valuable asset.

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend.


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