Preditory Contractors

contractorDear Friends & Neighbors,

As, I am sure all are aware, we are approaching Hurricane and Viscious Storm Seasons. With these seasons and the resultant damage caused by these storms, the wolves (bad Contractors) come out of the woodwork. Maryland homeowners and their insurers, are better protected from fraudulent contractors as a result of Gov. Martin O’Malley signing into law SB 736. This law makes it an act of INSURANCE FRAUD for contractors to offer INSURANCE DEDUCTIBLE REBATES IN EXCHANGE FOR THEIR WORK. This predatory practice often is used to sway homeowners into signing contracts and putting faith in false promises, as the repairs are not always covered by insurance policies. Furthermore, these fraudulent contractors are known to demand large down-payments, inflate repairs, use unreliable materials, increase existing damage or take money without completing the work.

This legislation makes Maryland one of just several states that have looked for a legal remedy to the problem.

Be wary with whom you are doing business after a storm.



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