Summer Travel

travel-carDear Friends & Neighbors:

Memorial Day weekend is rapidly approaching. This weekend marks the beginning of the Summer Travel Season. A couple of items with respect to your auto insurance I thought you might be interested in.

1.  If your travel plans include a motor trip to Canada, you need to carry a Canadian ID card from your auto insurance carrier. This item does not cost you anything other than a phone call. However, should you be stopped up there by the authorities, for any reason, and you cannot produce the ID card, it can cost you plenty. Remember, Niagra Falls has both a US and Canadian side. If you go to the Canadian side, the card is required. Contact your insurance agent before leaving.

2.  Rental Car coverage is always an issue and is always evolving. I have attached a brief over view pertaining to this issue. Most of us rent cars using our credit card. The rental car company has all your credit card information and your signature. Your credit card limit is in their hands. Contact your insurance agent with any questions you may have pertaining to this coverage. It could save you lots of money.

 Have A Safe & Wonderful Holiday Weekend and Summer.


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